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Professional Experience 

Ines Muller is an accredited Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist. She has been working therapeutically with children, adolescents and their parents/guardians for over 13 years. Ines worked and trained in different clinical settings such as: 


  • Adolescent Psychiatry, day hospital, St. Vincent's University Hospital Fairview (training position)

  • DEIS Schools with children living in socioeconomic deprived areas

  • Barnardos Post Adoption Service with adopted people

  • Teen Between (Relationship Ireland)

  • Private Practice.


Ines was a clinical placement supervisor for the MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at Dublin Business School from 2008 to 2017. 

She lectures on the MSc in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Skills at PCI College. Ines also is a Guest Lecturer on the MSc in Child Art Psychotherapy at UCD and the MSc in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Child and Adolescent Strand) at Trinity College. 

DEIS Primary Schools, 2005 - 2019


Ines saw children for individual play therapy sessions during school hours DEIS Primary Schools. She helped the children with a wide range of difficulties such as: lack of concentration, restlessness, low self-esteem, low mood, anxiety, difficulty in making friends, bullying, difficult behaviour, loss & bereavement, trauma, PTSD, emotional & physical neglect, reactive attachment disorder, adoption & fostering, parental separation & divorce, parental substance misuse, and parental mental health difficulties.


Parents or legal guardians were offered regular review meetings to discuss the progress of the play therapy. 

An integral part of her work with young people at risk in the educational setting was liaising with other professionals involved with the family such as key social workers, family support workers, educational psychologists, members of staff in the school and CAMHS.

St Vincent's Hospital Fairview, Department of Psychiatry for adolescents, St. Joseph's, Day Hospital. Nov 2014 - April 2016, Training position


​St. Joseph’s is a tertiary service and accepts adolescents with significant mental health needs who require a level of therapeutic intervention that cannot be provided by community mental health services (CAMHS). It was a voluntary training position in connection with the two year clinical training in Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. As a trainee child & adolescent psychotherapist Ines was part of the multidisciplinary team. She attended the weekly multidisciplinary team meetings, co-facilitated some group work, and provided short term psychotherapy assessments for adolescents under the supervision of the principal clinical psychologist Dr. Maeve Kenny.


Fostering & Adoption


Children in Care: Ines's work with young people in primary schools included working with children in care and their foster families. She is experienced in addressing specific difficulties and challenges posed by the situation where a child has been removed from his/her family of origin and gone into short or long-term care. Ines appreciates that when working with a child in care close liaison with other professionals involved with the child is vital and serves best practice. 


Adoption: Ines has extensive experience in working with a wide range of questions and issues related to both, domestic and inter-country adoption. She worked as a volunteer counsellor for the Barnardos Post Adoption Service in 2010/2011 with adopted adults, and works in private practice with adopted adolescents and children. 


Specialised training included numerous workshops and conferences on adoption over the years in the UK, Northern Ireland and ROI. click here


Ines wanted to deepen her understanding of adoption and wrote her MSc Dissertation @ Trinity College on: Developing a sense of self as an adopted person: A psychoanalytic perspective (Muller, 2013).

Student Placement Supervisor on the MA Programme in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, DBS
2009 - 2017

Ines developed a clinical placement for psychotherapy students in an educational setting. The students spend a day per week assisting the primary school teacher with all classroom activities and are introduced to the work involved in child psychotherapy under weekly supervision. 

Irish Forum for Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IFCAPP).
2013 - 2018.


Ines also was an active committee member of the Irish Forum for Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IFCAPP) from 2013-2019, and represented IFCAPP on the Psychoanalytic Section of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. 

Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP)

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy supports the regulation of psychotherapy and promotes Irish psychotherapists with a minimum of 7 years education and training. ICP is an umbrella body and fulfills the highest European standards for Psychotherapy. ICP is a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)

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