Child Psychotherapy

Ines provides psychotherapy to children aged 4 to12 years. click here

Adoption Counselling

Ines has extensive experience in working with adopted young people and children in careclick here

Codes of Ethics

Ines adheres to the code of ethics of ICP and IFCAPP. Ines also operates under the Children First National Guidelines. click here

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Ines provides psychotherapy to adolescents aged 12 to 18 years as well as young adults. click here

Clinical Supervision

Ines provides clinical supervision to professionals who are engaged in client-centred work. click here


Frequently asked questions answered. click here

Photo Gallery

Therapy Centres and location. click here

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Ines Muller, MSc, MA, MIFCAPP, MICP

Child & Adolescent Therapy Dublin

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