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ZACH GOMM speaker at the IAA National Conference - Inside Out, Identity in Adoption 18th November, D

“The Great Behaviour Breakdown: A Paradigm Shift” (Conference Presentation),

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Zach Gomm is a foster carer and adopter; he has fostered many children over the past years and is an adoptive father to his teenage son who he has parented using The Great Behaviour Breakdown (GBB) with amazing results for the last 10 years. Zach is a certified instructor of GBB, and is trained in Theraplay Level 1, DDP Levels 1 & 2 and Mindfulness. His experiences include parenting children with significant trauma and attachment difficulties, children who display aggressive and sexualised behaviour as well children with a lack of social skills, learning difficulties and so much more.

His own journey with numerous foster children has been his most profound teaching and Zach feels this brings a unique aspect to his work and in being a trainer, as he has experienced first-hand many of the challenges other adoptive and foster parents and any parent with challenging behaviours face. His mission is to support families in healing behaviour using a love based approach. Zach is particularly interested in the concept of the paradigm shift, and ‘blocked’ parenting and how our own stresses as parents, both past and present, impact on our ability to provide care.

The Great Behaviour Breakdown is a ground-breaking parenting approach that has helped even the most difficult of family situations find stability and healing. The ‘Great Behaviour Breakdown’ technique has helped families find the strategies that they have been looking for after years of ‘trying everything and nothing worked’.

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