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An Intensive Study Day with Angela Joyce: The inter-generational transmission of traumatic experienc

When: 23rd February 2018

Venue: Westin Hotel Dublin 2

Afternoon: 14.15 to 16.15

Fee: 30 Euro

Book ticket : Click Here


How can psychoanalysis help us understand the intergenerational transmission of traumatic experiences?

In this paper I will draw on my work as a psychoanalyst of adults, children and young families to think about the way in which experiences that have been overwhelming in previous generations are transmitted and carried by the following generations. Selma Fraiberg’s seminal paper on ghosts in the nursery can help orientate us to appreciate specific defensive positions that prevent people from recognising the repetitions in which they are caught up. There are also other psychoanalytic concepts that are less well known that can be equally helpful to clinicians and practitioners in their work with individuals and families who are caught up in unhappy and conflictual repetitive cycles. This will be a largely clinical paper exploring these possibilities.

Angela Joyce is a Fellow and Training and Supervising psychoanalyst at the British Psychoanalytical Society.

She trained as a child psychoanalyst at the Anna Freud Centre, helped pioneer psychoanalytic parent infant psychotherapy, and also shared the leadership of the child psychotherapy service there. She is now in private practice in London. She is an honorary senior lecturer at University College London, Chair of the Winnicott Trust and a Trustee of the Squiggle Foundation. She has published many articles on clinical interventions with parents and babies, co-authored The Practice of Parent Infant Psychotherapy (Routledge 2005 & 2016), co-edited Reading Winnicott with Lesley Caldwell (Routledge 2011), wrote the Introduction to Vol 6 of the Collected Works of DW Winnicott (OUP 2016), and in her most recent publication contributed and edited a volume of papers: Donald Winnicott and the History of the Present (Karnac 2017).

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