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Healing From Trauma series: an introduction to the Connections Matter Academy.

The Connections Matter Academy is a short-form animated series built for those who have experienced childhood trauma.

The series aims to educate viewers on how the brain works, how trauma impacts the brain, our relationships, and how healthy coping strategies and positive support networks can help us recover from traumatic experiences. Throughout this series Brain will evolve meeting viewers in various stages of learning.

The Connections Matter Academy was created in collaboration with Connect Our Kids advocates, trauma therapists, child welfare experts with lived experience within the foster care and prison systems, and Octopie, a cutting edge animation studio. Children in the foster care system suffer with PTSD at two times the rate as returning war veterans. Thanks to our incredible advocates and donors, our innovative team is able to offer this series for FREE. Visit or learn more about our mission. Stay tuned for weekly video drops and thanks in advance for sharing with your network!

Narrated by Amanda Scott

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