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Play; an interview with Clearsky Childrens Charity

Premiered May 20, 2021 - Graham Music

This is an interview about play and playfulness. It gives a flavour of my take on play, why play is so vital, why it sometimes does not develop, links between stress, trauma and lack of play, how we can help facilitate play, in therapy and in life, and the ways in which contemporary society and its pressures as well as the pandemic, have affected opportunities for play and creativity that children and adults so badly need This video interview was done for Clearsky Childrens Charity, 'Clear Sky is a Children's Charity based in Oxfordshire. It was established in 2010 to provide Play and Creative Arts therapeutic services to children and families. Clear Sky supports professionals through a suite of face-to-face and online Attachment Play programmes and also offers an online membership CPD platform 'The Institute for Play and Attachment', providing practitioners with access to high quality expert learning and development.

More information can be found on the website at '

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